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5 Questions About Life Insurance for 2019

This might be a year when plain old reliable oatmeal looks good. Life insurance has been like the oatmeal of financial services products in recent years. Life insurance serves an important financial wellness purpose, and it fills life insurers with […]

John Hancock To Sell Only Interactive Life Insurance

John Hancock will stop selling traditional life insurance policies and all new policies will provide policyholders with discounts for taking steps to improve their health. After its initial success, California’s fifth-largest life insurer is now including the program in all […]

Implementing De-Risked Premium Financed Life Insurance Transactions

Premium financing allows qualified borrowers to use third party financing to pay for significant life insurance premiums. Many insurance companies are creating products specifically for these finance plans – products intended to maximize returns while minimizing collateral requirements. Both businesses […]

Baby Boomers Prepare to Pass on Their Wealth – $30 Trillion Worth

Bless those Baby Boomers – the original maligned younger generation of slackers, lazybones and ne’er-do-wells. Guess what they managed to do: create and accumulate assets worth around $30 trillion. That generation is now reaching retirement age and financial advisors are […]

Poor conversion options? External term exchange program from an A+ carrier!

Most carriers have left the No Lapse UL space. One of the best GUL’s on the market without an exam! •Ages 18 – 65 •Face amount $100,00 – $1,000,000 • Term policy rated standard or better and issued between 6 and 60 […]

ELECTRIFY YOUR SALES – John Hancock’s #1 selling permanent product just got even better!

With extended guarantees and some of the lowest premiums in the industry, Protection UL offers a lifetime of affordable security1.  And with benefits like John Hancock Vitality and the Critical Illness Benefit rider, it’s no wonder Protection UL is our […]